Camlen Colours and Finishes

Our standard colours can be separated into four categories: stains, paints, glazed stains and glazed paints.  Prices may vary according to the chosen finish.


These images are good impressions of our standard stains.  Stain colours can vary when applied on wood, which has its own  variations.  Lighter stains can have even more variation due to their lack of pigment and the character of the wood.

All stained pine pieces are slightly distressed before finishing.  Birch pieces are not distressed.

Coastal Mist


Usually, all painted pieces have some ‘wear’ or paint rub, unless you specify otherwise.  Interiors of painted pieces will always be stained in Manoir Grey.

If you cannot find a paint colour that you like here, we can also finish in Benjamin Moore paints.  Just let us know the name and paint code.  There is a small upcharge per paint colour.

Sturbridge White
Black on


The following finishes are more than a colour; they represent a recipe.  They were designed to be applied to pine and look best on pine.  The piece of furniture is first distressed, then stained, then glazed, either black, brown or white, then finally they are varnished. It is because of all of the extra finishing steps involved, that glazed pieces are more expensive than non-glazed pieces.

White Ash is the exception; it is not usually distressed before applying the stain.



These are self-explanatory.  First we paint a solid colour, then we glaze it for added depth of finish.  Glaze is a liquid of a different viscosity than paint.  It is applied over the paint, and adds steps to the finishing process, which explains the higher price for glazed colours.  Glazing is applied by hand so it is normal to see variation and even slight wiping marks on a piece with mouldings or panels.

Champlain Glazed

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