These images are good impressions of our standard stains.  Stain colours can vary when applied on wood, which has its own variations but we are very good at maintaining the tone that you see here, whether we are applying to pine or birch. Lighter stains can show more variation due to their lack of pigment which allows the character of the wood to show through the stain.

We use penetrating stains which penetrate the wood, as opposed to a lacquer which sits on the surface.  All stained pine pieces are slightly distressed before finishing.  Birch pieces are not distressed.

Coastal Mist
Shaker Maple


Usually, all painted pieces have some ‘wear’ or paint rub, unless you specify otherwise.  Interiors of painted pieces will always be stained in Manoir Grey unless you choose something different and indicate it in your comments at check out.

Sturbridge White


The following finishes are more than a colour; they represent a recipe.  They were designed to be applied to pine and look best on pine.  The piece of furniture is first distressed, then stained, then glazed, either black, brown or white, then finally they are varnished.  The distressing is really where the glaze adheres best, which is how the glaze deepens the colour.  The glazing is done entirely by hand, so it always be unique to your piece of furniture.  Please contact us if you have any questions about these finishes.

White Ash is the exception; it is not usually distressed before applying the stain.

Storm Cloud finish


These are self-explanatory.  First we paint a solid colour, then we glaze it for added depth of finish.  Glaze is a liquid of a different viscosity than paint.  It is applied over the paint.  Glazing is applied by hand so it is normal to see variation and even slight wiping marks on a piece with mouldings or panels.  That is part of what makes your piece unique to you!

Champlain Glazed

Nous Joindre


Une fois la commande reçue, nous procédons à la fabrication et à la finition sur mesure de chaque meuble. Notre délai d’exécution est d’environ quatre semaines, en plus du temps nécessaire à la livraison. Si possible, nous nous ferons un plaisir d’honorer votre commande plus rapidement.

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